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November 22, 2006


The holidays can often be a time of stress for families. It seems as though we humans have a tendency to get caught up in the details of things and forget to enjoy the bigger picture.

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. It’s a time to get off the chaotic, goal driven, performance-based treadmill of life, and take a moment to take a breath, look around, and appreciate everything you have been given in life.

Stop running, sit still, and appreciate what you have.

Think about all the loved ones in your life and be thankful they are there. Ignore, for one day, all the things you are not getting from them, and instead focus on what you are. Put all business aside for 24 hours and refuse to pick up the phone, or answer e-mails, or make excuses of any kind, to not be present for your family.

Take a moment during the day, perhaps around the Thanksgiving Day table, to express your appreciation for your loved ones. Let your spouse know all the things you love about him/her. Tell your children you know they are wonderful human beings whom you love very much. Express something positive to your parents. Share whatever form of appreciation that feels genuine to you. If it’s out of character for you to do this--do it anyway.

Give your loved ones a gift this Thanksgiving: be present, warm up, show love, and enjoy one another’s company. One day out of an entire year, is not a lot to ask for. Your family deserves it and so do you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Challenge: Commit to putting work on hold for the entire day and night of Thanksgiving. Focus on your family; verbally share your appreciation for them, be present—physically and emotionally, and act loving.

P.S.: Thank you readers, for taking the time to read my blog, share your comments, and push me to grow.


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