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September 03, 2013

Labor Day…A Day of Acknowledgement


This past weekend, countless families across the country celebrated Labor Day. Labor Day is an opportunity for people to sit back, take in and be thankful for all the hard work the American worker has done to help create the country in which we live today. It’s a well-deserved pat on the back to all of us who have ever worked and/or will ever work in America.

I hope all of you were able to enjoy this day. From the stay-at-home parent who works hard to be a stable presence in the home, to the CEO who is running large businesses to further our economy, may you realize how your efforts have helped this country move forward. The stay-at-home parents of the world are a vital cog in the wheel of innovation, hard work and prosperity, as is the grade school teacher, criminal lawyer, janitor, life coach, business owner, President, etc. To all of you, I say a great big “Thank You” for all you do. 

Moving forward, my fervent hope is that we, as a country, learn to work as hard in our homes, raising our children and nurturing our families, as we have worked (and continue to work) out in the world making money, pushing faster growth, innovating more and being more and more successful. May CEOs appreciate the value of safe-guarding their employees’ time rather than burning them out. May fathers across the country realize that being the provider is never a substitute for being a present father.  And may working mothers not fall into the absenteeism trap that took so many fathers from their families over the years. May we all learn the power of shutting off the cell phones, closing down the computers and being present with family in our off hours. And may those off hours be the rule, not the exception.

We are a great nation that has come a very far way in our progress, mindset and evolution…and yet we still have farther to go.  May our future progress bring us to a place of greater collaboration versus competition, a wiser sense of “we” rather than us-versus-them and a more well-rounded view of success that goes well beyond financial gains, job titles and popularity. My hope is that we, as a nation (and as a world), grow to learn the power of mutuality, partnering and giving, on a level seldom imagined. My greater hope is that we actually become masterful in putting this mindset into practice.

To all the past workers of yesterday and the future workers of tomorrow, I applaud your contributions to our great country and look forward to new and inspiring contributions to our world.

Happy Labor Day.





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