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December 31, 2013

A 2014 New Year’s Wish for All Women Around the World


  1. May you love yourself enough to surround yourself only with those who treat you well, hold you in high regard and add to your life. 
  2. May you know that you deserve greatness and refuse to settle for less.
  3. May you have the courage to make difficult decisions that will lead you to a brighter future.
  4. May you treat yourself with kindness in your actions, your thoughts and your words.
  5. May you not measure your worth based on how much you weigh, how good you look or how many men are chasing you.
  6. May you learn to trust your instincts, have faith that you know what you know and no longer look to others for answers you have within you.
  7. May you let go of the need for perfection in others or yourself and learn to appreciate who you have, what you do and who you are.
  8. May you be confident enough within yourself to stand in your own power, walk in the world as an equal and never look to others to convince you of your worth.
  9. May you have the courage to acknowledge and work on your issues and refuse to blame others for your fate, life, and choices. Know that you are the captain of your ship and steer it where you want it to go not where others try to take you.
  10. May you have an amazing year of love that feels good to come home to, prosperity that creates a life of financial freedom and good health that lasts a lifetime.

Wishing all of you an amazing New Year in 2014!

Warm Regards,



December 23, 2013

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season

IStock_000017850630_ExtraSmallAnother year and another holiday season filled with great food, beautiful lights and endless season's greetings. Holidays are a great opportunity for all of us to take a break from crazy work schedules and spend some quality time with our loved ones. Regardless of what you do or don't celebrate, this time of year is like no other.

This holiday season may all of you...

1.  Take in the magic of the season. May you slow down enough to take in the beauty of the many decorated homes, trees, stores and cities. Tune in to the holiday music, children laughing, snow falling and sleds sledding. Enjoy the unique gifts of this season.

2.  Enjoy special time with your loved ones. Use this time of year to remember what really counts--relationships. Spend extra time playing with your children, holding hands with your spouse and remembering that being present is the greatest gift you can give. Give your time fully.  

3.  Begin to heal from current and past losses. For those who have suffered loss this year, my heart goes out to you. May you begin to find solace in your grief. Appreciate the gift that those who have passed brought to your life and treasure their soul's touch. Take time to give yourself TLC this season. Do whatever is necessary to help you carry them with you as you move forward.

4.  Feel gratitude for all that you have. Take time to appreciate what you do have. If you're healthy, be thankful. If you have a loving family, squeeze them tight and appreciate them. If you have a roof over your head, money in the bank and food in your thankful. Being thankful for the little things helps us to handle the bigger things. Practice gratitude.

5.  Spread joy to those around you. Don't be Scrooge this season. Even if you don't celebrate a particular holiday-don't rain on everyone else's parade. Use the season to remind you of the gifts in life. Stop thinking no one should celebrate something unless everyone celebrates and instead be thankful for the reminder to take in all the things life has to offer each one of us.

6. Have a giving heart. Be kind this season. Call someone who is alone, say hello to a stranger and  help out someone in need. Spread kindness and take in the joys of being the giver.

7. Give your loved ones your best self. Don't get so caught up in tasks this season that you lose sight of what's truly important. Give your family you. Unhook from work, be fully present at home and take time to take in the gift of your family/friends and loved ones. Be mindful of taking in those special moments when your child squeezes your face, you and your partner have a moment of outrageous laughter or you quietly snuggle with a loved one. Those are life's precious gifts; be sure to take them in. 

The winding down of one year and the revving up of the next is a time for reflection, gratitude and hope. May all of you take in the joys and sorrows of this past year and begin to heal from any losses. May you be thankful for the gifts of life, family and friends. May you experience hope for a brighter tomorrow and inspiration to make that happen.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with much love, laughter and inner peace.



December 17, 2013

“Mean” Women Hurt All Women: We Can Do Better

IStock_000015790066_ExtraSmallHow is it that women can be one woman’s best friend one minute and another woman’s worst enemy the next? In my Junior High School years I felt that I had to prove my worth by the way I looked, how many boys liked me or how many friends I had. I have no interest in re-living those years—literally or figuratively. Nor do I want other women to have to relive them in their adult years, either. It’s time for women to stop feeling threatened by one another and instead start supporting one another. I’m all for healthy competition and striving to be your best, however doing so by stomping on others is the last thing we need in our world today. 

Too often inherent in competition is attacking (“She’s such a witch”), jealousy (“She thinks she’s little miss wonderful”) and mean spiritedness (“Can you believe that he actually likes her?!”). Some women find their sense of worth by squashing the women around them. They attack other women because they don’t have a strong sense of self and they see other women as a threat. If you’re one of these women then trust me, squashing every other woman in the world is not going to help you in the long run. There will always be another woman who is smarter, more talented, prettier or more (fill in the blank) than you. You can’t squash every woman. Besides, the truth is, the other women are not the problem. The problem is within you. 

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December 12, 2013

Stop Obsessing and Let it Go

IStock_000002084023_ExtraSmallSometimes people can throw you a curve ball. They can do something so hurtful that it knocks you off your feet and sends you reeling. And, without doubt, these events can rock you to your core. They can leave you obsessing about them, raging about them and scratching your head trying to explain them. Sometimes, though, there is no explanation. There is no justification, rationalization or understanding about why. Sometimes there is no helpful closure or any closure at all. More often than not, closure comes only from letting go. 

The more you think about what was done, obsess about it and complain about it, the more you keep it in your life.  Continually talking about a hurt someone caused you will not help you heal. In fact, the more you keep the story alive, the more your pain, anger and upset will last.  Obsessing about the person, issue or pain will not make the pain go away. It will not make the hurtful act any less hurtful. And it will not help you.

Regardless of whether the issue is someone cheating on you, lying to you or gossiping about you...learn to let it go. Don't allow this person to cause any more drain on your life than they already have. If the person has acknowledged what they did and tried to repair the harm they caused, then be thankful they are accountable and move forward. If the person wasn't accountable at all, then move on and don't look back. Whichever the case may be, stop giving this person or event so much power over you. Know that people make mistakes and do hurtful things for all sorts of reasons--many of which have nothing to do with you. Stop wringing your hands, wondering why or how they could've done what they did. Stop telling the world how badly this person hurt you. Stop staying up at night plotting revenge or feeling sorry for yourself. Just...STOP. Move on for your sake.

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December 04, 2013

Bringing Your Best Self to the Table

IStock_000007605445XSmallWhen I first got married I hated conflict. The thought of an argument made me nervous and so I avoided upsetting conversations with my husband all the time. If I was angry about something, instead of voicing my upset, I would go underground and act it out rather than talk it out. As you can imagine, this would be very difficult to live with. 

Fortunately over the years I learned the error of my ways  and worked like crazy to learn to speak up and stop acting things out. However, during those first years I remember justifying my anger and seldom thinking that I was at all wrong with my behavior. Seeing the mis-behavior of others was so obvious that it didn't occur to me to look at my own. 

Sound familiar? Human beings justify our own screw-ups all the time, while condemning the screw-ups of others ad-nauseam. We are quick to let ourselves off the hook for poor behavior, yet can make others pay for their bad behaviors for decades. Understandably, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to relationships, jobs and even life. 

Living a good life is about bringing our best selves to the table at all times. The truth is, I wasn’t passive-aggressive because of what my husband did or didn’t do. I was passive-aggressive because that was MY dysfunctional way of handling problems. As soon as we get caught up in thinking that “we do what we do because others do what they do,” we’re all in trouble. The same is true when we think, “We are who we are and others should just accept us.” I’ve heard more excuses, justifications and blame for people’s poor behavior to last me a lifetime. I’ve even done my own fair share of all of these. These moves, however, aren’t serving us. 

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