April 04, 2006


Have you ever had this experience: you’re talking to someone, they are aware of the words you are speaking, but they don’t seem to be listening?

I’ve often had that experience. I’m sorry to say, so has my husband (yes, with me…).

We human beings are often so caught up in our own world we forget we are also a part of other people’s worlds. We get excited, stressed, worried, or elated. about what’s happening with us. And we don’t realize what’s important in the lives of our loved ones.

Listening requires that we step out of our bubble. It asks us to step into the lives of others. This means more than just poking our ears out. We have to truly shut out the things going on in our life that keep us distracted. For just a little while we need to step into the life of another.

Stepping into another’s life for a moment can mean putting ourselves in their shoes. It can mean putting our worries on hold and thoroughly listening to theirs--listening like we would want them to listen to us. It’s about being connected with others and acting as though we care about what they have to say--even when we disagree.

Listening is an action that requires more than just our ears. When we are able to listen well, our loved ones feel it. When we are consumed by our own thoughts, defenses and reactions…they feel that too.

Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if they were listening to you the way you are listening to them? Become the listener you’d like your loved ones to be for you…it will change your relationships.

Challenge: Commit to listening like never before this week. Look your partner in the eyes when s/he is talking, don’t interrupt and do your best to “get it” from there view point.


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