Teleclasses for Therapists

Four week tele-class on "Working with Blatant Women
The LMB Relational Centre invites all therapists to an RLT tele-class led by Lisa Merlo-Booth, RLI Director of Clinical Training, for the clinician who is interested in how to work with blatant women without having them storm out of your office.

Offered in 2013: (Final Dates To Be Confirmed)

The Nuances of Reconnection
The LMB Relational Center has the pleasure to invite all RLT Therapists to a tele-class, led by Lisa Merlo-Booth, designed to teach the nuances of reconnection.

Offered in 2013: (Final Dates To Be Confirmed)

Data Gathering
This tele-class, led by Amy Warren, RLT Certified Master Clinican, is for therapists and helping professionals interested in honing their data-gathering skills in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy model.

Offered in 2013:  (Final Dates To Be Confirmed)


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